Interview with Jeff Sutherland - Part 2

We have previously published the first part of the interview with Jeff Sutherland. In the second part, Jeff Sutherland told mostly his feelings about visiting Turkey and what he promises you about Certified Scrum Master course which will be held on 16th - 17th January 2014 in Istanbul. You can find the Part 2 of the interview below:

Barış BAL: We know that you have published Scrum Guide 2013 and you have made some significant improvements on the process. In your opinion, what parts of Scrum should be inspected for more improvement?
Jeff Sutherland: The problem is not Scrum. It is Bad Agile. That means no working software at the end of a sprint which causes many bugs, huge delays, and disasters like the Obamacare website. We need to inspect Bad Agile teams that are causing so much dysfunction in the world.

Barış BAL: How do you feel about visiting Turkey first time and meeting with Turkish Scrum community?

Jeff Sutherland: I am excited to see Scrum moving into new countries. It is being used in over 100 countries in the world and seems to work with all cultures. A year or so ago I visited Tokyo for the first time and the emerging agile community in Japan was tremendously excited and motivated, just like in the early days of agile in the U.S. I hope to see that same excitement in Turkey.

Barış BAL: It is obvious that it will be a unique opportunity for participants who will attend your CSM course in İstanbul. What should the participants expect from the course taught by the co- creator of Scrum?
Jeff Sutherland: They will learn the real Scrum from the mouth of the inventor. I will describe how to create winning Scrum teams where work is fast, easy, and fun. I find many new Scrum Masters in the world have started off slowly in implementations are slow, hard, and painful. Doing good Scrum means you have to play the game like an excellent sports team. It is not about the rules of Scrum, it is how you play the game. I will describe the patterns of play that have created the greatest Scrum teams in the world. If the participants master these patterns it can change their teams, change their companies, and change their lives.
Barış BAL: Thank you very much for your time Mr. Sutherland. We hope to see you in İstanbul, Turkey.

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