Interview with Jeff Sutherland - Part 2

We have previously published the first part of the interview with Jeff Sutherland. In the second part, Jeff Sutherland told mostly his feelings about visiting Turkey and what he promises you about Certified Scrum Master course which will be held on 16th - 17th January 2014 in Istanbul. You can find the Part 2 of the interview below:

Barış BAL: We know that you have published Scrum Guide 2013 and you have made some significant improvements on the process. In your opinion, what parts of Scrum should be inspected for more improvement?
Jeff Sutherland: The problem is not Scrum. It is Bad Agile. That means no working software at the end of a sprint which causes many bugs, huge delays, and disasters like the Obamacare website. We need to inspect Bad Agile teams that are causing so much dysfunction in the world.

Barış BAL: How do you feel about visiting Turkey first time and meeting with Turkish Scrum community?

Jeff Sutherland: I am excited to see Scrum moving into new countries. It is being used in over 100 countries in the world and seems to work with all cultures. A year or so ago I visited Tokyo for the first time and the emerging agile community in Japan was tremendously excited and motivated, just like in the early days of agile in the U.S. I hope to see that same excitement in Turkey.

Barış BAL: It is obvious that it will be a unique opportunity for participants who will attend your CSM course in İstanbul. What should the participants expect from the course taught by the co- creator of Scrum?
Jeff Sutherland: They will learn the real Scrum from the mouth of the inventor. I will describe how to create winning Scrum teams where work is fast, easy, and fun. I find many new Scrum Masters in the world have started off slowly in implementations are slow, hard, and painful. Doing good Scrum means you have to play the game like an excellent sports team. It is not about the rules of Scrum, it is how you play the game. I will describe the patterns of play that have created the greatest Scrum teams in the world. If the participants master these patterns it can change their teams, change their companies, and change their lives.
Barış BAL: Thank you very much for your time Mr. Sutherland. We hope to see you in İstanbul, Turkey.

Interview with Jeff Sutherland - Part 1

As you may know, Jeff Sutherland - the co-creator of Scrum and signer of Agile Manifesto- will be in Istanbul, Turkey on 16th - 17th January 2014. He will conduct Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course. This will be a unique opportunity for IT professionals and academics in Turkey and near region. Jeff Sutherland will also give a public talk to audience on 16th of January. Details will be announced on these pages soon.
Our founder Barış BAL has made an interview with Jeff Sutherland before his visit to Turkey. You can find the full text below:
Barış BAL: First of all, thank you very much for accepting my request doing this interview. Let me start with the first question. You are the co-creator of Scrum and it is a methodology which is used by hundred thousands of people on thousands of projects all over the world. How do you feel about it?
Jeff Sutherland: When people tell me it has changed their life and given them back time with their family, I feel really good about that. When the number of Scrum jobs in the United States approaches 10% of new job openings I feel we are really changing the world. When I see the data showing that 14% of waterfall projects are successful and 42% of agile projects are successful, I am upset that 58% percent of agile projects are still Bad Agile. We have got to fix this!
Barış BAL: What were the reasons/concerns behind that forced you to invent Scrum methodology?
Jeff Sutherland I was working with developers who were always late with buggy software. Management and customers were upset and developers were viewed as bad people. I wanted to make life better for developers, give them back free time, have managers ask them to go slower because it was like drinking from a fire hose they were going so fast. I wanted customers to be ecstatic. I wanted teams to go 10 times as fast with 10 times the quality so that more people could buy things because they cost 90% less and they were much better things than they were used to. I believed Buckminster Fuller when he said are all billionaires but do not realize it because of a distribution problem. People are acting in ways that restrict the flow of goods and services that leave large segments of the population impoverished. If we all worked together and shared our resources we would all have much more than we need to be happy people.
Barış BAL: What do you think about the future of Scrum?

Jeff Sutherland:  I wrote a paper on the future of Scrum for Agile 2005. In it I showed how a team can deliver live software multiple times during a sprint. The fastest Scrum I know today is at Hubspot where they deliver 170 live feature updates per day and almost 300 new releases a day at peak.

Scrum is the way Toyota does new product development. It is already spreading outside of software into devops and hardware engineering. The venture group I work with has many companies doing Scrum in sales, marketing, finance, and so forth. Scrum is spreading into non-profit groups. In many ways, it was motivated by my work with an organization based on Nobel Laureate Prof Yunus and the Grameen Bank. The Grameen Foundation is using Scrum in agriculture, healthcare, education, and finance in developing countries.
The most exciting Scrum development  I know of today, is in high schools in the Netherlands where the teachers are Product Owners and the students are Scrum teams ( They finish their semesters’ work many weeks earlier and their grades are 10-20% higher with Scrum. They say learning with Scrum is faster, easier, and more fun. I told them their work is a model that could free millions of students all over the world from boring classrooms where kids where not having fun and not learning very much. They were an inspiration to me.

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