Schneider Culture Model Assessment

What kind of culture does your organisation have? Do you want to assess it? This list is for you, you can use it to assess your culture characterictics based on the culture model of William Schneider.

Translated versions:
Translators: Here is the pptx original, feel free to translate and send me a link when you are done. In addition, you are welcome to provide any comments or feedback. I will be much appriciated.



The Schneider Culture Model Assesment is a simple tool to help Agile Coaches to assess an organisation's current culture, or to use in workshops. If you use this assesment as a discussion tool, it can generate useful ideas that may help you during transformation process. Each culture model defined has a descriptive quote and some words. You can add your own words, and if you share it with me I can add them to the tool.


I would like to thank to Michael Sahota and Henrik Kniberg for their valuable comment. This assessment document is based on the same idea of Henrik Kniberg's Scrum Checklist.

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