How to become a great Product Owner?

Our author Faisal Mahmood discusses becoming a great Product Owner. Product Owner is a key role in Scrum framework. He gives the highlights in this article about this role.

"Of all three Scrum roles, the Product Owner is by far the most misunderstood role. What’s the core responsibility of the Product Owner? The typical answers that come out are
  • Product Owner tells the what team what to do
  • Product Owner defines the product and the Product Backlog
  • Product Owner clarifies the vision
Well, these are all valid activities that the Product Owner needs to carry out. The Product Owner role is associated with creating user stories, providing the team with the acceptance criteria, providing feedback in the review meetings. On top of all this, better Product Owners try to work with the team during the Sprints. But the key aspect of the Product Owner role is often forgotten.

The core responsibility of a Product Owner is to maximize value. If there’s one thing the Product Owner must do, that is to maximize product value."

You can find the rest of the article here

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