Definition of Done

Our author Faisal Mahmood discusses "Definition of Done" in this article. A clear "Definition of Done" is very important for success of the Sprint and should be visible to all stakeholders in the team.

"The Sprint has just ended. The team has completed a lot of work and they feel comfortable going into the review meeting. The Product Owner has been working with the team, although not on consistent basis, but the collaboration is getting better. The team has been asking quite a few questions and the Product Owner was able to answer most of those questions during the Sprint. The Product Owner has felt that the team has made good progress. The Definition of Done has been agreed a few Sprints ago and it’s been visible. The team has been keen to complete all the work according to the Definition of Done.

The review meetings kicks off. The team and the Product Owner discuss the work completed during the Sprint. The discussion is lively. The Product Owner looks excited. She starts to discuss about the release schedule and the road ahead.

The Product Owner asks enthusiastically, when can we ship? Suddenly, the mood starts to change. The comfort level goes down. Team starts to get edgy and Product Owner starts to get irritated. According to the team, they have completed the work according to their Definition of Done. But, it’s still not ready to be shipped. Further work is needed.

The Product Owner is confused and frustrated. She thought the work was done and ready to be shipped. The team explained what was already completed, and what remains to be done. Later it turns out, the team would require another three Sprints to complete all work to make the product increment shippable. Ouch!"

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