Tech Leads will Rule the World?

Here is the next contribution of Assembla. As you can remember from their webinar, they have a different approach to Agile Methodologies. In this article, they discuss the necessity of Technical Lead role in an Agile Team who works in a distributed environment. They have the argument of that Agile Teams cannot afford management roles in the organisation. It's a very interesting discussion but as ScrumTurkey we still believe in some management roles like Scrum Master in Agile Teams. What do you think? Here is the article:

"At a Google office the other day, I heard someone say “Tech Leads make all the decisions at Google.” They also make the decisions here at Assembla. If you do distributed software development, they should be making the decisions at your company
A Technical Lead or Tech Lead is a software engineer who also leads a team. The Tech Lead picks the important tasks, answers questions, solves problems, assembles a release, helps new team members – and does development.
We think that distributed teams require Tech Leads. These teams communicate with code and other deliverables. They need to work with a developer who can read the code...."

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