7 Reasons Why Your Team Does not Get to Done

A new article from our author Faisal Mahmood about the Scrum Development Teams. He discusses why teams do not achieve to get the things done. Teams run sprints and sprints. At the end they cannot deliver any shippable product. Faisal mentions seven reasons of it.

" Seven reasons lead to Teams not getting to Done
  1. Team is not cross functional
  2. Unclear or absent Definition of Done
  3. Technical debt
  4. Overworked Team
  5. Late integration
  6. Change of scope during Sprints
  7. Ineffective planning
1. Team is not cross functional
Non cross functional Teams tend to struggle with getting Done by the end of their Sprints. They simply lack skills to turn the selected items to Done increments of functionality. They might lack business analysis, design, development, testing, database design or any other such skills. Team members might be unwilling to learn anything other their own well defined roles.

In many cases Teams end up with a mini waterfall within their Sprints where initially the business analysts do the analysis and clarify the requirements, then the designers design, the developers develop and if there is time left at the end the testers test the system. In case they find issues at the end, and they usually do, those remain unfixed and are pushed to following Sprints. All this undone work is pushed to the following Sprints. They just struggle to get to Done.

All the undone work leads to long, painful and expensive “stabilization phase” at the end."

You can find the details of other 6 reasons here.

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