3 Reasons Why Scrum Masters Struggle to Become Servant Leaders

Another article from Faisal Mahmood about Scrum Master role. He discusses three reasons of the hard parts of becoming a servant leader. "Servant Leader" term is my favourite about Scrum Master role and I think that every Scrum Master must have this attitude.
"It seems it is rather hard for some of the Scrum Masters to stick to their servent leader role. This is one of the most common pitfalls. The lure of being a manager is too strong. Knowingly, or unknowingly people keep falling into this trap. They behave more like project managers than ScrumMasters.
Several symptoms indicate that the ScrumMaster is struggling to let the team self organize and thus acting more as a manager, than a ScrumMaster. Three keys ones are
  1. ScrumMaster assigns tasks
  2. ScrumMaster acts as go between the Team and the Product Owner
  3. ScrumMaster makes decisions on behalf of the team
We’ll use Sally, as an example ScrumMaster to explain this anttipattern."

You can find the rest of the article here.

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