3 Reasons Why a Cross Functional Team is Hard to Find?

Another article from Faisal Mahmood which discusses about Cross Functional Teams. It's sometimes hard to understand the real meaning behind the term "Cross Functional". So this article is a very good discussion to understand that term.

" A cross functional Team is crucial to get items to Done. However, not many Agile Teams become a cross functional Team. Some of the most important reasons they struggle to become a cross functional Team are
  1. Waterfall setup of the organization
  2. Lack of required skills
  3. “Hard roles” on the Team
1. Waterfall Setup of the Organisation

This is typically caused by the way projects are financed and resourced. Finance and resourcing units in many organizations work traditionally, although these organizations have adopted Agile. The way project Teams are set up hinder Teams from becoming a cross functional Team.

In these cases, the project financing teams do not understand or appeciate Agile. They require detailed project scope, resourcing, cost and schedule information. They have set up their processes based on traditional waterfall model. They struggle to understand the Agile notion of an emerging requirement, namely, the Product Backlog, emergent architecture, Sprint, and self-organizing Teams.

Project Teams are forced to produce detailed requirements, to predict resourcing needs, and to predict schedules based on fixed scope."

You can find the details of other reasons here.

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