3 Common Scrum Master Mistakes - Part II

This is the second part of the article 3 Common Scrum Master Mistakes - Part I from our author Faisal Mahmood. In this article he discusses the consequences of these mistakes, typical causes and a few ideas that can help you to avoid making these mistakes. We think that this is one of the best articles that we've read before about Scrum Master role.

"The Team becomes reliant on a single person making decisions on its behalf. It kills self-organization. The quality of the decision making takes a sound beating. The Team has to live with the decision made by one person instead of leveraging collective intelligence of all the Team members.

These decisions might work fine, at times, because of the individual experience of the Scrum Master. However, over the long term a single person struggles with making quality decisions on his or her own, compared with the Team conducting a healthy discussion and utilizing its collective experience and intelligence in making such decisions..."

You can find the rest of the article here.

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