3 Common Scrum Master Mistakes - Part I

Another article from our author Faisal Mahmood, he discusses common Scrum Master Mistakes. He mentions three common ones and he says that "That person is acting more as a manager than as a Scrum Master". This is the Part I of the article, we will share the others in the following days.

"It is difficult for some Scrum Masters to stick to their servant leader role. Because of lack of support and limited experience, they fall back on what they know best – traditional management. Knowingly, or unknowingly, Scrum Masters keep falling into this trap. They start to behave more as project managers than as Scrum Masters.
Several symptoms indicate that the Scrum Master is struggling to let the Team self-organize. That person is acting more as a manager than as a Scrum Master. Three keys symptoms are
  • the Scrum Master assigns tasks
  • the Scrum Master makes decisions for the Team
  • the Scrum Master acts as a go-between for the Team and the Product Owner..."
You can find the rest of the article here. Enjoy your reading.

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