Scrum, Kanban, and Scalable Agile Webinar

This is another big day for ScrumTurkey. We have a new contributor, it's Assembla! We would like to thank to them for their contribution and hope to meet them at one of their developers meeting.

Here is their first contribution, it's ScrumTurkey's first webinar. They have a different approach to Agile Methodologies and they are trying to provide a combined profit of Agile methods like Scrum and Kanban. The description of the webinar is as follows:

"This webinar covered how to accelerate software development by combining elements of Scrum (with fixed-length sprints), Kanban (continuous flow with rapid completion of each selected task), and Scalable Agile (multiple contributing teams working on a big project).

Agile expert Damon Poole describes how to introduce Kanban into a Scrum process, how to accelerate development with "One Piece Flow", and how to coordinate the work of multiple teams.

Assembla founder Andy Singleton previewed his vision of Scalable Agile, and showed two related features. The "Simple Planner" view of Assembla tickets with an AJAX UI helps you to move effortlessly between Scrum iteration planning and Kanban. The Advanced Merge Request feature can help you manage continuous development and release.

Questions ans answers from the webinar have been posted in a seperate blog post."

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