Product Backlog Grooming

A new article from our contributor Faisal Mahmood about Product Backlog artifact. He discusses about why we need to groom the Product Backlog and the benefits of grooming.

"Product Backlog is a living document that is updated continuously. It contains all the requirements, functional and non-functional. After a while, it tends to become messy. It needs regular upkeep, or grooming.

Why Groom The Product Backlog

Product Backlog grooming is crucial. It helps,
  1. The Team and the Product Owner to break-down larger items into smaller items, so that they share a better understanding of the scope of these items.
  2. The Team and the Product Owner avoid long winded discussions during the Sprint Planning. It saves time.
  3. The Product Owner as she orders the Product Backlog as new items are added and existing items are broken down into smaller items.
  4. The Team estimate the Product Backlog easily. Smaller items are easier to estimate.
  5. The Product Owner to share the vision and direction of the Product with the Team. This helps the Team in understanding the big picture and make valuable decision about architecture and design.
  6. The Team and the Scrum Master understand the resource requirements and composition of the Team..."
See full article on Product Backlog Grooming.

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