The Guru: Mike Cohn

We guess this is the most exiciting post for us we've written since the start up of ScrumTrukey. I posted a tweet to Mike Cohn yesterday about supporting ScrumTurkey by retweeting. He showed his kindness and supported us. Also he posted another one about one of our articles. This made us very proud.
Let us give you some information about him... Mike Cohn has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small startups, and everything in between. With over fifteen years of experience with Scrum and agile, Mike has the expertise and depth of knowledge to help the organizations create and build high-performance teams. You can read more here.

By the way, the Guru, Mike Cohn also supported ScrumTurkey allowing us to share one of his posts from his blog. And we selected the most interesting one. It's an article about check-in and check-up the team members of a Scrum Team. He recommends the checking in, not the checking up. He discusses the four key things a good ScrumMaster or agile project manager can do to avoid crossing the line into micro-management while still checking in on a team. You can find the full article here.
Thanks a lot again for his kidness and best wishes for ScrumTurkey.

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