Are You Making These Retrospective Mistakes?

This's one of the big days of  ScrumTurkey. We have our first author, Faisal Mahmood. He is the author of Agile Adoption Mistakes. He provides Scrum Master Certification courses in London UK and around the world. We're so appriciated about his contribution. In future, he will post his articles on ScrumTurkey regularly. We would like to say him "Welcome..."

Here is his first article discussing about common mistakes on Retrospectives. He mentions the points that agile teams should avoid to have a good continuos improvement on their agile processes.

"Continuous improvement is at the heart of Agile. Retrospectives provide opportunities to the Teams to inspect their process, and continuously improve it. Many Teams fail to take advantage of this and thus fail to improve.

Common Retrospective mistakes are
  1. Infrequent Retrospectives
  2. Ignoring Improvement Actions
  3. Lack of Team Participation
  4. One Person Leading The Retrospective

1. Ignoring Improvement Actions

This is one of the most common Retrospective anti-patterns.
The Team goes into the Retrospective meeting and discusses the improvement ideas vigorously. It discusses the way things are working and how to turn around challenging issues. It uses many techniques to gather ideas. There is no shortage of ideas during the meeting, ideas keep flowing..."

See full article on Retrospective Mistakes.

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