Respect but Don't Obey!

Last Monday, I participated to career day which is organised by Software Club of Eastern Mediterranean University. It was a very inspiring event for me. I seperated some part of my presentation to self-improvement of young brains. My advices to them were as follows:
  • Respect but Don't Obey: At the beginning of our professional life, most of us are soldiers and probably some commanders, I mean the bosses, manage us. We should respect them but we must not obey. Remember that we are not slaves!
  • Always declare your opinion and comments: I think this is applied to all areas of life, however in the context of professional life you should always declare your opinion to be recognized by the others. Otherwise, everybody believes that you don't have enough knowledge about the discussed things.
  • Team Work: There is no software in the world that is developed by only one programmer! So believe in Team Work.
  • Share your knowledge: Knowledge gets bigger and bigger if you share it!
  • Be brave to try new things: There will be always someone who says "Don't touch it, if it works!" Don't let such kind of guys to convince you. Accept the challenge and touch everything around you!
Final words are... these are my observations based on my 8 years of professional career. And I think that I will explore much more in the following years. I wonder... What's yours?

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  1. You are totally right to say be brave since not being so may hinder creativity. Remembering what Steve Jobs achieved by being brave enough not to go to school instead learning by himself. This is true for Bill Gates, too. These respectable guys are one of the most important guys in history of computer science in terms of commercial success. Consequently, their braveness let them be the top guys in computer industry, so be brave developers.