Fancy Scrum Planning Poker Cards!

Planning Poker is my favourite tool which is introduced as a Scrum planning and estimation practice. There are two ways of playing it, automated and manual with planning poker cards. The automated way is also divided in two:
  • Planning Poker on web: You can reach it here. It's brought to community by Mountain Goat Software as a free tool, but in my opinion it's a kind of boring way to play Planning Poker.
  • Planning Poker on mobile: There are a few mobile applications that you can install on your smart phones like iPhone. You can find those on iTunes application, if you perform a simple search with "Scrum" keyword.
My favourite way of playing Planning Poker is the manual one since it makes me feel like having fun while working. Meetings are mostly boring activities for me (I guess you feel in the same way). However if it is a Sprint Planning one, it is not anymore.
I have a colleague, named Cem Altun, who is a very talented Graphics Designer. We were talking about Scrum and Planning Poker tool last week. Then we decided to design our own custom planning poker cards. He designed 4 sets of fancy decks, and I cannot decide which one is the best, because all of them seem to me as perfect artwork. So, I would like to have your comments.
Style 1

Style 2

Style 3
Style 4
They are so funny, aren't they? By the way, if you would like to have one, just let me know!
NOTE: You can also see Cem's Portfolio here.

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  1. I think style#4 is better than others.It looks like a carnaval.. :)